Smarter energy, smarter home.


The future of energy is not in supply, but in service.

Eneco has a new smart solution on the market that helps consumers manage their energy consumption. Toon® is a revolutionary thermostat that, by means of Live Updates, gives consumers an instant insight into energy consumption and costs. In this way, Toon makes it possible and easy to save.

When working at Quby, my main task was to create a high quality and appropriate design to the smart thermostat and the corresponding set of functional products. As a result of intensive collaboration with the other designers at Quby, we have been able to redesign the Toon thermostat and give it the right look and feel to improve the User Experience.

Client: Eneco
Date: January 20, 2016
Services: UI Design, Styleguide, Asset Delivery


From low-interest to high-interest engagement.

Traditionally, families weren’t particularly engaged with energy utilities or even their own energy use. The ‘dumb’ thermostat was a thing on the wall, often painted the same colour so as not to be noticed. We wanted the Quby smart thermostat to change all that. So the briefing included the following.

  • A beautiful, simple interactive display that enjoys a permanent and prominent place in the home, encouraging daily use


  • When users engage with the device they are also engaging with Eneco – So the logo needed to be featured prominently.


  • Eneco’s customer’s yearly (and let’s face it, often unpleasant) interaction with them is when they receive their bill needed to be a more enjoyable experience.


  • It needed to be easy and accessible and simple to use for even those who are not accustomed to new technology.

All in all; A friendly, rich interface invites users to engage daily 


According to recent research, households in The Netherlands that are using Quby’s Toon smart thermostat,  are consuming up to 10% less energy than those who don’t have a smart thermostat.

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